Omega - Winter 2012

In this issue:

Challenging Austerity, Launching Campaigns, Fighting Fees

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OMEGA is a newsletter that deals with Graduate Student issues--it can offer insights, ask questions, solve problems, and divert weary minds.

If you have something to contribute-- an editorial, a crossword, an essay, an upcoming event, a cartoon, a photograph, a conference or publication announcement, or thesis defense, please send it to:

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Please keep your submissions to 500 words. Content may be edited for format and grammar. Include your name, program name and contact info.

If you are interested in contributing regularly, please contact us: ext. 4356/
French submissions encouraged!

Volume 1, Issue 1

To further enhance communication between grad students and the GSA, monthly e-newsletter has been created.

The social convernors have put together the newsletter and are always open to suggestions and comments. 

We encourage your submissions!! If you would like write for the newsletter or have an article and/or poetry that you would like your fellow GSA memebrs to know, give us a shout (!


In this issue...

WHO and WHAT is the GSA/AEES?

When will I be done my M.Sc or Ph.D?

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