Opting In

Part-Time and Dependent Opt-Ins

All part-time graduate students have the option to opt-in to the GSA health plan. Both full-time and part-time students can also opt-in their spouses and children. Opt-ins are done at the beginning of the academic year. Generally speaking, the opt-in period runs from the first day of classes in September until mid-October. The exact dates will be made available prior to the first day of classes.

In order to opt-in, students must fill out an opt-in form, which will be made available before each opt-in period. The form must be submitted to the GSA before the opt-in deadline with payment. Prices for the health plan are negotiated each year and will be confirmed before the new academic year.

All full time graduate students are automatically included in the health plan. For information on how to opt-out, please visit the Opt-Out Page.

***Deadline: Oct 13th, 2017***