Opting Out

Opt-Outs for Full Time Students

All full-time students are automatically included in the health plan. The fees are paid with tuition. Students who have similar coverage elsewhere can opt-out of the GSA health plan. The opt-outs are done at the beginning of each academic year from the first day of classes in September to mid-October. The dates will be confirmed before the start of the opt-out period. All opt-out requests must be submitted before the deadline. No opt-out requests will be accepted after the deadline.

All opt-outs are done online on the https://onlineservices.greenshield.ca/StudentOptOut/Home.aspx?cl=43102&edu=32024 .

One you choose the Laurentian University Graduate Students’ Association in the drop down menu, you will find the option to opt-out under the ‘what you need’ tab. Proof of comparable coverage is required to opt-out.

***Deadline: Sept 30th, 2018***