Yasser GhoreishiVice-president

Yasser, is currently pursuing toward PhD in Human Studies Program. He completed his B.A. in Accounting in Iran and Master Business Administration (MBA) degree at Laurentian University. His area of research is to identify the fundamentals of profitability structure of community supporter agriculture (CSA) farming in the Province of Ontario. Small farms, which serve organic food directly to consumers. This research proposal is constructed on four disciplines including Health, Commerce/Economic, Sociology, and Environment. He has extensive experience in teaching/tutoring, auditing, financial accounting analysis and reporting for seventeen years that made him confident in applying in this field of work. He has during this time gathered and experienced many new challenges with regard to his practical work/study life which he undertook. He also was able to enhance his theoretical professional knowledge and gradually found that these years has very well complemented his previous work experiences and studies. Throughout his career/studying he has demonstrated the ability to establish excellent client relationships and to develop and implement innovative solutions to address a wide variety of projects challenges and gathered excellent organizational abilities and strong decision-making skills.

Currently, he is member of:

  • Steering Committee of International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Human Sciences (ICIRHS).
  • Trustee of the Local 5011 (CUPE).
  • Laurentian University Committee for Respectful Diverse.
  • Human Studies Student Association.
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