Health Plan

For coverage information, claim forms, and a printable coverage card visit: The Green Shield Student Centre

Health Plan

  • 90% coinsurance
  • Annual maximum of $1,000.00
  • A combined paramedical benefit of $20.00 a visit to a maximum of $300.00 for all benefits
  • Accidental Dental to a maximum of $1,000.00

Dental Plan

  • 90% of one annual checkup (annual defined as September 1 to August 31)
  • 90% of annual cleaning, scaling and polishing (up to 2 units)
  • Open plan: Students can use any dentist of their own choosing and receive the above benefits

Ocular Health

  • 80% of glasses or contacts (to a maximum of $100) once every 24 months

Printable ID Cards

  • Your Green Shield ID number is your student number
  • You can print your ID by clicking here: Green Shield GSA ID Card
    • Open the ID card in PDF format
    • Type your first and last name as it appears on all university records
    • Type your student number
    • Print
  • The GSA group code is LES. Your Green Shield ID will look like this: LES(student number)-00
  • The ’00’ at the end of your ID number if your dependent code. All students are given the dependent code ’00’.
  • If you chose to opt-in any dependents, they must use your student number as well. These will however be assigned dependent codes of ‘o1′, ’02’, and so on, depending on the number of dependents are opted in. The dependent code is what differentiates you from each dependent.


  • All forms for reimbursement are available on the Green Shield Student Centre
  • Use the Dental Form for dental services only
  • Use the General Form for everything else, including medication, vision, and professional services
  • All forms must be mailed to Green Shield with all original receipts. The addresses can be found at the bottom of the form.
  • You are always welcome to stop by the GSA Office. We are happy to help you fill out the form and mail it out for you.

Black Out Period

  • Each academic year, we experience a blackout period whereby all new students will not be able to access their benefits from September to about late October. This is because we must wait to receive the list of students who paid into the health plan from Student Fees before we can confirm your payment with Green Shield.
  • The benefits are retroactive to September 1st, meaning that once the blackout period is lifted, you can submit any receipts you might have accumulated from September 1st and onward to Green Shield for reimbursement.
  • The black out period does not affect returning students

All full-time students are automatically included in the plan. The fees are paid with tuition. For all part-time students who wish to be included in the health plan, you must opt-in before the deadline.

For all full time students who register late, please contact the GSA to make sure you are activated on the Green Shield health plan.

For information about online services please consults the following files.

GSC on the GO

GSC on the Go_02

Online Claiming_Options

PM-Online Claims

Change 4 Life Health Portal


For any remaining questions or concerns, please contact the GSA.